Had a lovely commission for Calibre Watches 'Ladies Brand Guide' last month, illustrating in my loose watercolour style to compliment a selection of beautiful watches for their 16 page brochure.

The brief was from Claire Cheung at Northstar to feature ladies performing on stage. These could be dancers, singers, actors etc but they needed to feel powerful and dominant. I had 2 weeks to fulfil the brief, working on rough pencil ideas first and I had a wonderful time throwing the paint around to get some shapes to compliment the watches. It was nice to have  direct brief that I could also feel very creative in!

Spring Summer 2017 collections of Balenciaga, Prada, Chloe, Armani, Miu Mui and Bottega Veneta

Self directed seasonal 'sketchbook' working from the latest collections from luxury brands and top fashion houses. Loose watercolour inks splashed around the page to portray the new candy bright colours of Spring/ Summer 2017. Featuring Balenciaga's fabulous Spandex trouser/boot combo with more than a nod to  1970's disco. There are a lot of early '80's influences around at the moment in both colour and styling.

Watercolour inks, collage in Letrafilm and papers

Watercolour inks, collage in Letrafilm and papers

Previous seasons illustrations featuring designs by Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Oscar De La Renta,, Dior and Prada from 2015. I'm always drawn to the fabulous new colours/prints- LOVE these bright colours!

Mac no.3 event - Covent Garden

Another fabulous day drawing customers at Mac's stand alone James St store. Had a very busy and very hot day working alongside talented MUA's (only just worked out what that stood for- lol!) I think I drew nearly 40 portraits- it was crazy and full on but great fun!

Private Tuition

Had an interesting day in London giving private tuition to Sara Japanwalla- an experienced fashion illustrator from Dubai who wanted to fine tune her techniques. She progressed immensely from the morning and was a very quick learner- the perfect student!                                           Sara went away with a shopping list of art equipment with tools to improve her trade.